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Latest Amazon AWS-Certified-Cloud-Practitioner Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Question: 131
Can Amazon S3 uploads resume on failure or do they need to restart?
A. Restart from beginning
B. You can resume them, if you flag the "resume on failure" option before uploading.
C. Resume on failure
D. Depends on the file size
Answer: C 
Question: 132

Which of the following cannot be used in Amazon EC2 to control who has access to specific Amazon EC2 instances?
A. Security Groups
B. IAM System
C. SSH keys
D. Windows passwords
Answer: B 
Question: 133

Fill in the blanks: _________ let you categorize your EC2 resources in different ways, for example, by purpose, owner, or environment.
A. wildcards
B. pointers
C. Tags
D. special filters
Answer: C 
Question: 134

How can I change the security group membership for interfaces owned by other AWS, such as Elastic Load Balancing?
A. By using the service specific console or API\CLI commands
B. None of these
C. Using Amazon EC2 API/CLI
D. using all these methods
Answer: A 
Question: 135

What is the maximum write throughput I can provision for a single Dynamic DB table?
A. 1,000 write capacity units
B. 100,000 write capacity units
C. Dynamic DB is designed to scale without limits, but if you go beyond 10,000 you have to contact AWS first.
D. 10,000 write capacity units
Answer: C