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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

A multinational corporation needs to migrate servers, which are supporting a national defense
project, to a new datacenter. The data in question is approximately 20GB in size. The engineer on the
project is considering datacenters in several countries as possible destinations. All sites in
consideration are on a highspeed
MPLS network (10Gb+ connections). Which of the following environmental constraints is MOST likely
rule out a possible site as an option?

A. Downtime impact
B. Legal restrictions
C. Peak time frames
D. Bandwidth

Answer: B
Question: 2

A cloud administrator is provisioning five VMs, each with a minimum of 8GB of RAM and a varying
throughout the day. The hypervisor has only 32GB of RAM. Which of the following features should
administrator use?

A. Memory overcommitment
B. Thin-provisioned model
C. Process scheduling
D. Hyperthreading

Answer: C
Question: 3

Several SaaS providers support identity federation for authentication. Which of the following would
assist in enabling federation?


Answer: A
Question: 4

A company is interested in a DRP. The purpose of the plan is to recover business as soon as possible.
MOST effective technique is:

A. archiving.
B. network clustering.
C. site mirroring.
D. active/active.

Answer: D
Question: 5

A new SaaS timecard application that is being tested will be used by all employees at a large
corporation. The
following process was used to test the application:
1. Three users from each site used the application for three weeks.
2. The new application was used side by side with the existing application.
3. The outputs of the old and new applications were compared side by side.
Which of the following requirements did the testing plan confirm? (Select two.)

A. High availability
B. Performance
C. Connectivity
D. Data integrity
E. Sizing
F. Security

Answer: BDE