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Question: 11
What is the maximum supported number of endpoints per ESM Server in a Traps 3.4 deployment?
A. 350 
B. 16,000 
C. 10,000 
D. 80,000 
Answer: D 
Question: 12

Which two statements about advanced cyberthreats are true? (Choose two.)
A. It is very common for attacks to use previously unknown malware. 
B. A zero-day vulnerability is defined as a security flaw of which the vulnerable product's vendor has no prior awareness. 
C. It is impractical to protect against zero-day attacks. 
D. A zero-day vulnerability is defined as a security flaw of which the vulnerable product's customers have no prior awareness. 
Answer: BD 
Question: 13

Which two statements about targeted attacks are true? (Choose two.)
A. Exploits typically target vulnerabilities for which there are no patches. 
B. Targeted attacks typically employ a combination of software exploits and malware. 
C. Computer users can protect themselves effectively against targeted attacks by keeping their systems fully patched and their antivirus signature databases up to date. 
D. Attackers may gather information about their intended victims using social media. 
Answer: AB 
Question: 14

What are two ways to prevent exploits? (Choose two.)
A. Return-Oriented Programming 
B. Address Space Layout Randomization 
C. Heap Spray 
D. Anti-Spyware Location and Removal 
E. Retained Original Process 
F. Buffer Overflow 
G. Data Execution Prevention 
Answer: AF 
Question: 15

Which two statements about troubleshooting installation and upgrade problems are true? (Choose two.)
A. A common cause of ESM Server installation problems is the failure to confirm connectivity to WildFire before running the installer. 
B. A common cause of Traps endpoint agent installation problems is the failure to configure the SSL option correctly. 
C. ESM Server services will shut down if they are not licensed within 24 hours of being started. 
D. Use MSIEXEC with appropriate flags to get more logging detail at installation time. 
Answer: AB